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GG SAL 2015

Listed below are the designs that I will be stitching for the Gifted Gorgeousness SAL 2015.  This SAL was organised by Jo from Serendipitous Stitching.  Jo has set up a page on her blog to provide all the necessary information on this SAL.

Updates on the SAL are due on 15th of each month.... once I update my blog with a stitching update on the designs below I will leave a link here on this page as well.


Moutons de Saisons Printemps et été - Collection Tralala
Gift from Kaye from Kitten Stitching.  The original post of when Kaye gave me these charts is here. There are actually 4 charts to stitch (2 per pack) however my first ones to stitch will be "printemps" and "été".

Started stitching "printemps" and "été" in January 2015.
Link to update posts:
January 2015 - "printemps" and "été"
February 2015 - "printemps" and "été"
March 2015"printemps"
April 2015 -  "été"
May 2015"été"
July 2015 - "printemps"
October 2015"printemps"
November 2015 - "printemps"


Lizzie Kate - Tiny Tidings
Giveaway win from Kay's Random World - link to Kay's original giveaway post here and link to my post about the giveaway win is here

Tiny Tidings - Lizzie Kate
Started stitching "Joyeux Noel" and "Feeling Festive" in January 2015.
Link to update posts:
January 2015 - "Joyeux Noel" and "Feeling Festive"
March 2015 - "Joyeux Noel" and "Feeling Festive"
June 2015 - "Joyeux Noel"
August 2015"Joyeux Noel"
September 2015 - "Feeling Festive" (finished)


Halloween Limited Edition Charts - Lizzie Kate
Giveaway win from Carolyn (Taking One Stitch at a Time) -  unfortunately the link to Carolyn's original giveaway no longer works, but the link to my post about the giveaway win is here

Halloween Limited Edition Charts - Lizzie Kate
Started stitching "Eek!" and "Autumn Fab Fob" in January 2015.
Link to update posts:
January 2015 - "Eek!" and "Autumn Fab Fob"
February 2015"Eek!"
March 2015 - "Autumn Fab Fob"
April 2015 - "Autumn Fab Fob"
May 2015 - "Autumn Fab Fob" (Finished)
June 2015 - "Eek!"
August 2015 - "Eek!" (finished)

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